Monday, February 2, 2015

Style Files: Printed Upholstered Headboards

It's not secret- I love a good upholstered headboard as shown in my headboard selection in my own bedroom and guest room.  I chose neutral for both of my rooms because I have a habit of changing up my bedding often (way too often if you ask my husband) but lately I have been loving the look of a printed upholstered headboard.  They really up the "wow" factor in a bedroom.  Here are a few that I love!

I love how glamorous and sophisticated this room feels with the leopard spot headboard.

The pattern mixing in this one is on point.

This monster headboard is definitely making a statement.

Love the way the shape of this headboard and the pattern work together.

The Hunted Interior

And one of my new favorite combos spotted and floral.

What do you guys think about patterned headboards- are you ready to take the plunge or play it safe with a neutral?

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