Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Carry On Essentials for a Warm Weather Getaway

It is freezing cold in Philadelphia and I am SO excited to be heading out of here to sunny Florida on Friday for a warm weather getaway/babymoon.  It's a short flight but I have some essentials that always make it into my carry on bag.

Carry On Travel Essentials for Vacation

This Longchamp Large Le Pliage tote comes with me on every vacation.  It's perfect size for a carry on and I use it as a my beach and pool bag once I get to my destination.

Frends headphones are a must on the plane.  They sound great and they're so much more comfortable than earbuds.  Plus- they look cool.

Ok, Evian water spray sounds pretty ridiculous but I hate how dried out my skin feels when I'm on a plane.  A couple of quick spritzes of this and my face feels less like a desert.

I love using the Truffle clear pouch to keep the smaller items from getting lost in my bag and it's also great for keeping things dry and sand free once you get to the beach.

EOS lip blam... if you haven't tried it- you must.  It smells and tastes great and the shape makes it easy to find in your bag.

Why are planes always freezing cold?  Doesn't matter where I'm going- I always pack a lightweight scarf that I can wrap around me.  This one can easily transition to wearing out to dinner on those cooler nights too.

I love using a passport holder to keep all of my travel documents organized, bonus points that it's a fun color.

I always pack snacks with me when I travel and I'm obsessed with That's It bars.  They're basically two fruits mashed up into a bar together- nothing else added.  The apple + pineapple is my favorite.

The triple C power card is super slim and is perfect for recharging on the plane or in the airport.  Don't risk running out of juice on your iPad!

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