Monday, February 9, 2015

A New Light in the Kitchen

The light fixture over our kitchen table has been bothering me since we moved in over 3 years ago.  
It's just kind of "vanilla"...

Sorry about the crappy old photo!  I swear I took a better "before" photo but now I can't find it... blame it on the baby brain.

I've had my eye on replacing it with an orb light fixture but couldn't bring myself to spend the money on one so when I saw the Benita 5-light Globe Chandelier from Overstock for half the price as most lights I had to pull the trigger and order it!

Overstock Benita Orb Light

And I am so glad I did!
Overstock Benita Orb Light

I love the way it complements the drapery hardware and the art prints on the wall behind it.

Overstock Benita Orb Light

The green cabinet is the Keys Console Cabinet from Home Decorators.

Overstock Benita Orb Light

The light is currently sold out but they restock quickly so be sure to sign up for the e-mail alerts and jump on it when you get the e-mail!

Overstock Benita Orb Light

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