Thursday, February 28, 2013

Gallery Wall Inspiration

Are you guys over gallery walls? Ok, good me neither!  I know they are all over but I still love them so this weekend I am doing the one I talked about in my new years resolutions post.  I'm writing about it here so you guys can keep me accountable!  Whenever I'm starting a new project I start searching out some inspiration.  Here are some of  my favorites.

Gallery Wall
Country Glamour Home

gallery wall - Google Search
West Elm
I'm a little "type a" so I like this one...
Gallery Wall
Brunch at Saks
but that feels a little too orderly- this feels better, a little mix of order and not-so-order.  Also really love the gold frames on the grey wall.
Love this gallery wall!
Champagne Culture
PS I love This

I definitely like a mix of photographs and graphic prints
Love the mix of quotes and photos in this gallery wall
House Of Rose
This is a great planning guide from Ann Beck Photography
wall gallery inspiration

There's plenty more gallery wall inspiration on my Pinterest- you're following me right? 
Oh girl you gotta start following me

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