Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fill 'Er Up

I recently received a question from a reader, Lauren, regarding what to fill her new glass vase from Pottery Barn with.
Evleen Mercury Glass Vase
Pottery Barn Evleen Mercury Glass Vase
For starters- what a beaut!  I love all things Mercury Glass right now.  

One of my first thoughts were flowers- I love to have fresh flowers in the house but their freshness is usually pretty short lived so I usually go faux.  I love hydrangeas and they're on sale right now at Pottery Barn!!  
Faux Hydrangea Stems
Faux Hydrangea Stem
To make them look real use craft water- here's a pretty little how-to!

Maybe flowers aren't you thing?  I love river rocks with a pillar candle or just plain river rocks.
Small River Rocks, Light Quartz Gray
You can get them at most craft stores or I found them for cheap on this website.

If you're using your vase in a bathroom- collect some bars of soap to display.  (Hint- If you travel stash a few bars of soap from the hotel in your suitcase.  If you travel often you'll have a lovely collection in no time!)
via BJD Haus Design
Seasonal is always a good way to go too.
Pottery Barn

Vintage Glass Apothecary Jars - Full of Sea Shells - Set, Pair of 2
via Etsy
And moving onto kitchen or dining areas...

Fake Food Mini Apples and Pears in Glass Apothecary Jar
Tropical Lemon Decor

And if you're looking for some serious color- candy is a great option
Island for my kitchen    candies in apothecary jars. ashley stark's manhattan apt via elle decor, interior design by philip gorrivan, james aman & john meeks
Elle Decor

(this would last all of 5 days at my house)

Hope you got some good ideas for the glass vases and jars in your home!


  1. Great ideas Kelly! And that's pretty funny about the last option... I am afraid it would last even less time in my apartment, and I live alone :)

    1. Thanks Patry! So with you on the sweet tooth!


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