Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Home Office Update

Last week I posted about the Josephine desk I had bought from World Market and it arrived this weekend!
Olive inspecting the box.
These are my kind of instructions- check out that parts list: (1) desk top and (2) desk legs... that's it! 

Ta-Da!  I am amazed at how nice it is.  It's a really sturdy desk with a nice white glossy finish.  Thanks World Market!

Over the past week I did some pinning on Pinterest (button on the left to start following me) and I had an epiphany... I want my office to be Femme.  For the most part I try to keep my house pretty gender neutral but this office is all about me and my new venture and I want it to be happy, simple, chic and feminine!

Looks a lot like my desk- and that ghost chair is a total must. via Pinterest
I love the gold screen behind the desk. Desk of Dallas Shaw

Love this one too- so pretty! From EveryGirl

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  1. You’re right, Kelly! It’s very chic and feminine, and that’s why your home-office style suits you perfectly. :) My favorite piece in your room would be the desk. It has just the right width and length for your laptop and daily-used office supplies.

    Clayton Steadham


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