Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Home Office

My latest project is my own home office!  I decided in starting this blog that I needed a space of my own where I can sit and work but still be a part of the house, I didn't really want to be in a back room of the house so I chose the landing outside of our master bedroom for my office.
Future Home of Olive Lane Interiors!  It's got great natural light from our family room windows.

Olive had to get into the picture- chewing on her favorite toy, a hanger! 

And it is open to our family room below so I can still here what's going on but I'll have my own space to work.  (sneak peek of the christmas decorations below!)

I've long been eyeing up the Jonathan Adler "Channing" Desk at Horchow. I love the X-Base and that sleek white top... 

Are you in love yet?... well for $1779 it's all yours!  Ugh- not exactly in my budget right now.  So I did a little shopping around and look what I found!

The price...... $139.99!!  

It's also available in black and light blue.  It might not have the polished nickel base but I think I can suck it up for the price.  This is a great desk for a small space but I can also see it working as an entryway table.  I ordered the desk last night (and scored free shipping!) so I'll keep you guys posted on the progress.

Next purchase will be a desk chair- something "non-office" like... 
I'm thinking tufted and upholstered like this one at Home Decorators.


  1. World Market is amazing! What a great find!

  2. Upholstered chair plus X-base desk equals to a fabulous home office. Best of luck on that office makeover and please post some pictures once everything is done! :)

    1. Could not agree more Leigh! I should have some update pics soon :-)


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