Monday, April 1, 2013

DIY : Decorative Letters

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!  I had a three day weekend so I decided to do a lot of little projects around the house that I had been wanting to do for a while.  I'm not a big DIY-er but I decided to give a few projects a try this weekend.  Today I'm sharing my gold decorative letters.  This is a super simple easy project.  Graphic lettering is really popular- whether it be using them in bookshelf stylings

via Lowes
or mounted on the wall in a gallery wall
via Project Nursery

When I saw Joann Fabrics had 12" Paper Mache letters on their website for only $4.49 each I decided to give it a try.

Next I set them up in my spray paint lab garage on top of plastic cups so I could get the sides and fronts completely.  If you are planning to use them in a styling rather than hanging them on the wall you'll want to wait til they are completely dry to flip them over and spray the backs.  I chose gold spray paint for this project.

After leaving the letters to dry a full 24 hours I cut slits in the back so I could hang them on the wall.  I measured to the center of each top and then used an Xacto knife to make an upside down triangle for the nails to mount to.  I started with just a small circle but found it didn't give me much wiggle room if my nail locations were off at all.

 I only used one nail for the A and used two nails for the K.  After some measuring and leveling the letters were up in no time!

I always thought the mirror above our bed needed "something" but couldn't decide what exactly it needed but I think the letters work perfect here!

And now there's no question whose side of the bed is whose! 

This week I'll be showing a few more DIY projects I did this weekend.  Let's just say I am dangerous when it comes to gold spray paint!


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