Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Mixing Patterns

The perfect mix of patterns can really make a room.  I love using patterns and colors in textiles to really pull a room together.  While I hate "design rules" sometimes a little guidance can help get you over the hump of designing your own space.  

When I'm choosing fabrics I like to start with my "organic" fabric. This could be a floral, paisley, ikat, etc...  anything with a non-uniform pattern and more than one color.  Next I pick out a "geometric".  This is usually a stripe, trellis, chevron- and usually just two colors.  I try to pick out a color that's in the organic pattern for my geometric print.  Last is a "solid".  I pick out a color that I really want to bring out from the organic fabric for my solid.  And it doesn't have to be a flat solid.  Something with texture is great for adding some more interest to the grouping.  

Follow these steps and you'll be mixing patterns like a boss in no time!

A few of my favorites from my favorite sources for fabrics and pillows.

Loom Decor: Tribe + Live Wire + Ivory Linen

Caitlin Wilson Textiles: British Bouquet + Mint City Maze + Berry Deco

Lulu + Georgia: Jacinta Pillow + Linnea Fret + Maxen Pillow

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