Tuesday, February 24, 2015

3 Ways to Style Your Bump

When I started blogging again I mentioned wanting to expand my topics and pull in some more of my own interests.  Today I wanted to give it a shot with a fashion post!  And if you're just here for the home decor posts- don't worry,  I'll be back at it tomorrow!

I put together a few looks for styling your "bump" as the warmer months are approaching.  I'm a firm believer in the motto "you gotta look good to feel good" and being pregnant it's even more important!  
Maternity Style, Casual, Activewear and Formal www.olivelaneinteriors.com

Fit Bump- I try to keep up with going to the gym and getting in some exercise and cute work out clothes are always motivation to get there more often.  I love the ruching on this tank- it lets you flaunt your bump but is also super flattering.

Casual Bump- I can't wait to start wearing maxi dresses again- there's nothing more comfortable than a light knit maxi.  The turquoise earrings and gold sandals are perfect for the summer.

Dressed Up Bump- I picture this as the perfect outfit for a baby shower.  The cap sleeves are really flattering on the dress and I love it paired with this statement necklace.  Best part about buying accessories right now- they'll fit after baby too!

Fit Bump

Casual Bump

Dressed Up Bump

Let me know what you guys think of today's departure from the usual posts!

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