Monday, January 19, 2015

... And We're Back!

Welcome back to Olive Lane!  After a long year off from blogging I'm back and so excited to get started!  I've thought a lot about what I want this blog to be and how I want it to evolve and change so I hope you like what I have in store.  It has and will always be a home decor blog but I'd like to introduce some more "lifestyle" to the blog- just other interests I have that I know you'll enjoy as well.  Since it's been so long it only feels right that I give you a little recap of what happened in 2014.


 2014 was the year of travel for us!  In May, my husband and I traveled to Italy and visited Rome and Florence.  My second time visiting Rome but my first in Florence.  We spent our days walking what felt like the entire city sightseeing and evenings having long, delicious meals.  It was definitely a trip revolving around food.

Who doesn't need a slice of pizza at 10am?

And in August we took a trip to Hawaii.  My first time there and it can only be described as paradise.  We visited Kauai and Maui during our two weeks there.  We snorkeled with sea turtles, took an open air helicopter ride, saw the sunrise on a volcano and sunned ourselves on the beautiful beaches.  On our flight home I was already trying to plan when we could go back.

The Big 3-0
In September I turned the big 3-0.. and I'm totally OK with it.  No, really I am!  I feel like my life has really come together and I think I had a better time in my late 20's than my early 20's.  I spent the day enjoying a surprise trip to the spa, wine tasting and dinner with family.


In 2014 I really put my fitness needs first.  I started taking classes at Flywheel (which I continue to be obsessed with) and started running.  In May I ran in Philadelphia's Broad Street Run- a 10 mile run through the heart of the city.  Not being a runner prior to this year I was so proud to complete the race.  Now I totally get what people are talking about when they say "runner's high".

Wedding Bells

Photo Credit: Dempsey Photography
We finished off the year with my sister's wedding.  It was in Warren, NJ at the Stone House at Sterling Ridge and it was absolutely beautiful.  She looked amazing, the venue was perfect, the food was delicious and the band was awesome.  It was so much fun spending the night with my family and to see those two lovebirds so happy.

Coming Soon

And last but not least... there will be a new addition to our family!

Baby R is coming this May and we couldn't be more excited.  Baby is healthy and I've been feeling great so no complaints here- just lots of excitement and love!

Thank you all so much for reading my blog.  You have no idea how much it means to me to read positive comments.

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