Tuesday, October 29, 2013

E-Design Client: Luxurious Master Bedroom Design

I completed this e-design for a client over a month ago but it has been one of my favorites to date!  My client contacted me with a goal to "to make the room relaxing, peaceful, clean/organized, luxurious, and romantic. Like an upscale hotel room, but at home! I want to enjoy being in the room, but currently, just feel stress! "
She already had a great start to the room with her freshly painted walls in a dark charcoal gray and a newly wallpapered focal wall.

First we worked on a new layout using her existing furniture.  

We decided on placing the head of the bed centered against the accent wall.  Next we changed the placement of the dresser and wardrobe cabinets so they were on opposite sides of the room to break things up a bit.  We relocated her sitting area to the opposite end of the room.

And finally her design...

I cannot wait to see the final photos and will be sure to share them!
Thanks so much to my client- it was my pleasure working with you!

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