Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Elements of the Styled Bar Cart

I'm so excited!  I finally have my very own bar cart!  
Brass Bar Cart $130

Target delivered this beauty to my house last week and I immediately started pinning great looking bar carts to get inspired.

And in my pinning I found there were a few key elements that made these bar carts have the "wow" factor.

1. Cool Glasses- I like how these glasses feel a little vintage
2. Fun Bar-Inspired Artwork- simple and right to the point
3.  Pretty Decanter or Shaker- how else are you going to serve up those drinks?
4.  Something Organic- you'll find a lot of "hard" objects on a bar cart, adding some lemons or flowers softens it.  And I'm loving this pretty bowl.
5. Coasters- Cheers! (but don't leave rings on my furniture)
6.  Cool Funky Decorative Something- adds some personality to your cart
7. Drinks - nuff said
8.  Paper Straws- they're fun to drink from and fun to look at!


  1. I just bought that bar cart too! I was browsing Target and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that cart. Looks just like the crate and barrel cart but 1/4 of the price! Love the style inspiration :)


  2. I stumbled upon your blog from pinterest, glad I did!


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