Thursday, September 5, 2013

E-Design Client: Family Friendly Living Room

A few weeks ago I received an e-mail from a client in Germany- stationed there on a military base with her husband- looking to work with me to re-do her living room.  Her project posed a couple of challenges- 1. her location: everything chosen needed to ship internationally and 2. her military housing meant limited painting capabilities or any permanent renovations.

She was looking to update with accessories and other smaller furniture pieces while keeping her existing sofas.  Her preference was too keep things warm and family friendly.  Working together I came up with this e-design board with all things she could purchase online and have shipped to her in Germany.

I tried to add as much color as possible into the space so she could avoid doing any painting.  The pattern on the rug and drapes makes the room feel a bit more modern while keeping it warm and kid friendly.  She needed a new TV stand and was looking to keep the TV up and out of reach of the kids.  I chose a dresser for the TV stand for the height as well as all of the storage it provides.  We also decided to do a gallery wall around the television to remind them of home and family while they are in Germany. 

Her motivation was inspiring and I can't wait to see how the finished space turns out!  I'll be sure to share the updated photos! 

Interested in working together on your new home project? E-mail me at and let's get started!


  1. Great job Kel! My sister is so talented :-)

  2. Amazing ideas with nice color combination..
    its adorable.!!!Quality Beds and Mattresses


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