Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Alt Summit NYC Recap

It has been way too long!  My apologies for the crickets around here lately- it has been a busy (but fun!) summer so far.  Way back on June 20th I had the honor of attending Alt Summit in New York City.  It was a jam packed day of speakers, different panels and networking with brands and other bloggers all under the Martha Stewart Living headquarters.
Justin Hackworth Photography

It would be impossible to tell you everything I learned and I think I am still digesting everything but here are some of the highlights from the day.

Justin Hackworth Photography

Keynote Speaker: Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge
I have been a long time fan of Grace's and was thrilled to hear her speak.  She talked about the growing and ever changing blogger community and how to stay on target.  I learned its ok to revisit your mission statement, breaking down big projects into small manageable steps, and to adopt early but maybe not fully- it's ok to sit back and see how things pan out.  Trends are important but it's not necessary to follow all of them.

Justin Hackworth Photography

And then a suprise visit from Martha Stewart... no big deal.
Yeah right!  I think the whole room jumped out of their chairs when she walked in!

Justin Hackworth Photography

Next favorite speaker- Isabel Kallman of Alpha Mom 
Isabel spoke on the topic of urgent vs. important using Stephen Covey's quadrant
Stephen Covey Time Matrix

Spending too much time in Quadrant #3- Urgent & Not Important can really drain you and leave you feeling empty.  I feel like too often I find myself in this category and I am going to try and make it a point to get myself in Quadrant #2 and #1 more often.

As a new blogger it can sometimes feel lonely- never really sure if anyone is reading it or getting anything out of what I am posting.  But I left Alt with a new lease on life- feeling motivated and inspired to keep blogging.

To see more pictures from the event- stop over to Alt Summit's Flickr page.

all photography courtesy of Justin Hackworth and sponsor, Atly

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