Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Pillows

Hello December- Where did you come from?!  The past few months have flown by for me!  We had a really busy year with all of the wedding planning for our wedding this past July, getting the pup in September and we've still only been in our new house for a year!  Last week we got our tree and I pulled out all of our Christmas decorations... which fits in one Rubbermaid tub (so sad)... so I've been on a mission to shop for decorations to put our house in the Christmas spirit.

First stop- holiday pillows!

Berry Wreath- Pottery Barn

Christmas Tree Crewel- Pottery Barn

Really love this one from Etsy shop The Lauren Collection- here!

And this fun bolster from Target- here!

 Here's what I ended up with... all from Pottery Barn. 

Nothing says winter like cable-knit sweaters!

Make sure you check back tomorrow for the rest of my holiday decorations!

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