Monday, February 22, 2016

Weekend Recap

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!  I thought I'd try something new today and share with you all what I did over the weekend- a little peek into my world- and a chance to show off some of my favorite local places.

I started Saturday by trying out a new yoga studio in Villanova, Bulldog Yoga.  Classes were free this weekend so I figured why not.  It was also a chance to try out these fun new leggings.

The studio was super gorge and the class was fast paced and set to music with actual words, not the usual chanting stuff.  I'm not super into yoga but I do like a more athletic style class that makes me feel like I'm getting a great workout while giving me a chance to clear my head a little and this class was perfect for that.  I love the concrete floors and industrial lights!  I'll definitely be back to try out their yoga class set to Hip Hop/Rap music.

Source- Instagram @aroundmainline

Saturday night we celebrated my husbands grandmother's 92nd birthday at my in-laws.  We just started Derek with more solid foods and he can't get enough of it.  He loves being able to feed himself  and so far the only thing he didn't like was peas.  To be fair- I don't really like peas either.


Sunday I took a boot camp class at my favorite fitness studio Tone Zone.  They offer all sorts of classes but the boot camp style classes are by far my favorite.  They always push me to work way harder than I would do on my own and I leave knowing I got my butt properly kicked in the best way possible.

Are you picking up on a recurring theme?  I only work out at places that have good design ;-)

I spent the rest of Sunday with my family and shopping for home things with my sister for her new place.  We were low on time but we got in a quick spin around Pottery Barn and West Elm.  If you follow me on instagram @olivelaneinteriors you saw this pic already but I'm basically in love with this grouping of pillows at Pottery Barn.

Is it just me or has Pottery Barn totally stepped up their game?  I used to be like "oh. yeah.  that's from Pottery Barn"  but now I'm all like "that's from Pottery Barn?!"  Know what I mean?... Anyways, hope you all had a fun weekend and hooray for a new week!

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