Wednesday, January 27, 2016

E-Design: Chicago Apartment Before

I just completed an e-design with a client in Chicago and I am so excited to share the design!  E-design clients that are semi-professional photographers make for great after photos but before we can get to that... here are some before photos!

My client came to me wanting to finish off the space and make it feel more like "home".  She was really struggling with layout of this large one room which contained the guts of the apartment- kitchen, dining room, living room and office.  The sofa, chair and desk were recently purchased and had a great mid-century modern vibe that I just wanted to enhance with the new pieces.

Here's the final e-design for the space!

To help define the different spaces in the room we went with an area rug for each space.  The area rugs create a visual delineation of each space without the use of walls or dividers that would close it in.  We were even able to fit in a coffee bar which freed up a lot of valuable kitchen counter space.

Stop by tomorrow when I'll share the final photos of the space!
Ahhh it's good to be back ;-)

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