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Top 5 Things Home Buyers Should Overlook When House Hunting

Top 5 Things Home Buyers Should Overlook When House Hunting
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By Tali Wee of

Buyers and sellers don’t always agree on interior design style. Home shoppers shouldn't let unattractive color schemes or awkward furniture choices influence their judgment when looking for a new home. Overlook these common distractions and visualize the potential improvements that can be made after purchase.
Here are five easy-to-fix eyesores that home buyers can ignore to score a great home.

1.       Paint Colors/Wallpaper
Although wallpaper is becoming more popular, in many homes it can date the space or clutter the layout (the same can be said for a distracting bright green accent wall). Changing paint and wallpaper are two of the easiest and cost effective home improvements that new homeowners can make. Head over to the nearest home improvement store to pick up inexpensive materials for a do-it-yourself (DIY) color upgrade. Hiring a professional to repaint or wallpaper a new house is a more expensive option, but it is still worth the cost if it means a home buyer doesn't miss out on the perfect home.

2.       D├ęcor
Look past any unattractive furniture in a home. If shag throw rugs and velvet recliners aren't a great fit, remember they will be gone by move-in day. Imagine the space empty or personalized furniture and decorations. Tacky window treatments and oversized portraits are hard to miss but aren't a reflection of the quality of the home itself.

3.   Kitchen Cabinets and Hardware
Kitchen remodels are one of the most expensive home upgrades, so home shoppers should pay attention to the condition of the kitchen upon purchase.  However, updating kitchen cabinets is relatively simple and inexpensive with paint. Even old refrigerators can be covered in chalk board paint as a cheap upgrade that is useful for writing quick notes and grocery lists. Additionally, new cupboard handles and knobs are easy to replace and help reinvigorate a tired kitchen.

4.       Light Fixtures and Appliances
Dramatic light fixtures can establish a heavy quality or exaggerated look that may be too bold for some buyers. Rather than avoid the home, replace the light fixtures. It’s fairly simple as long as the wires are connected correctly. Typically, the black wires connect to each other, and the white wires connect to each other. Remove the coating on the wires and tie them together. The remaining green wire then connects to the grounding screw. Be sure to shut off the power to the lights before handling the wires, and call an electrician if the job seems too risky. New washers and dryers are more expensive replacements than lighting fixtures but are delivered and installed by professionals who often properly dispose of old appliances at no extra cost.

5.    Carpet/Flooring
S   Stained or dilapidated carpet is tough to look past in a home that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.  However, installing new carpet or flooring is an easy fix for a professional installer. Zillow offers a home improvement directory that makes finding trustworthy contractors simple. Most professionals remove old carpet and install new flooring as one service. Some homeowners choose to tackle this project on their own, restoring hardwood floors or installing new flooring, but this project is typically a quick fix when hiring a professional.

These five easy fixes are important to keep in mind when hunting for a home. The structure of the home is what matters the most, not the interior design. Most updates can be cost-effective and simple enough to DIY. For the bigger projects, consider quick fixes that make the space livable until large renovations can take place.

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