Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Closet Clean Out

This past weekend I did a major spring cleaning of my wardrobe- closet and dresser.  It was a major undertaking but I am so happy with the results.  I love clearing out the boots and jackets to make room for sundresses, sandals and tanks!  If you're like me, I completely forgot what spring and summer clothes I had from last year so it's always good to do this before I start shopping for summer.

Closet Before
I have a small walk in closet but I was not maximizing the space at all.  I had clutter on the floor and my pile of sweatshirts on the top shelf was out of control.
I always keep the door to my closet open because of the shoe rack hanging on the back of the door.   While I liked having all of my necklaces organized and hanging it bugged me how messy it looked when I would walk by.

So after some serious sorting and three trash bags of clothes later...

My cleaned out closet!

 After cleaning out some drawers I made room for the sweatshirts in a dresser.  I also used another matching storage bin from our coat closet to maximize the closed storage for clutches, scarves and purses which made it look messy before.

I switched all of my clothing to white hangers which makes it look so much neater.

  Stop me if I ever try to buy more colored denim!

And my necklaces got moved to an inside wall of the closet not visible from the door- but are all still organized and easily accessible!

6 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Closet

1.  If You Didn't Wear it Last Year - Toss It!
I found a lot of clothes I bought a few years ago and didn't wear last year a single time.  I got rid of anything I didn't wear from last year- show no mercy!  But instead of really "tossing it"...

2.  Donate, donate, donate!
I never throw away my clothes (except for old bathing suits, socks or undies- yuck!)  When you are sorting through your wardrobe separate out clothes that you may want to sell with consignment/eBay and the rest bag up to donate.  Help someone in need by donating your clothes to the Salvation Army or a similar clothing drop in your hometown.

3.  Everything Out
I don't always do this but after this spring clean out I will always do this!  Take everything out of your closet. It is a lot quicker to just sort through things while keeping them all on the hanger but if you take everything out of the closet you may find a few things you had shoved to the back or fell off hangers.  It also gives you the opportunity to put things back in a new order.  I put my clothing back with the winter pieces towards the corner and pulled the short sleeve and sleeveless tops to the front.

4.  Color Coordinate
After going through all of my clothes I started to put them back in type order (ie. long sleeves, button down shirts, cardigans, etc.) as well as grouping them by color.  It makes it so much easier to find the things you want to wear.  After doing this I realized I own plenty of red tops and mint sleeveless shirts- not something I would have noticed when they were out of order.

5.  Clean and Store Away Your Winter Pieces
Now is the time to get any coats repaired, sweaters dry cleaned or boots resoled.  You'll be glad you did when you are ready to wear them again in the fall.

Also, this week check me out over at Design Your Dwelling where I've entered my Home Office Design and be sure to "Like" it, in the weekly Moodboard Link Up!  Lots of great designs goin' on over there!


  1. I cleaned out my closet a week or so ago and I have yet to deal with my donate/sell pile! I have to set aside some time soon to sort/photograph/post everything on Poshmark, etc. Once that is done I will be soooo happy with my clean, organized closet (at least for the next couple of months until I move out of my apartment!). Yours looks great :)

    1. Thanks Amy! Isn't it so much easier to find something to wear in the morning when your closet is organized?!


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