Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mantle Styling

The mantle is the focal point in a room and can really make a statement about your space and how you want the room to feel.  No matter what your personal style there is one no-fail method to styling a mantle and its all based on a single shape- the triangle.  Keeping the objects on your mantle within the shape of the triangle will create a nicely balanced look.  

First start with a larger, focal piece- a mirror or art.  You can place it centered or slightly off center and it can be mounted to the wall or resting on the mantle- just make sure its your tallest piece, closest to center.  Next work your way out with smaller objects, they create the other two corners of the triangle.

In the photo below by Centsational Girl- she works out to the larger potted plant and apothecary jar then two smaller pieces at the furthest corners and then works her way back into the center with small pieces again- but never going above that center point made by the mirror.
Centsational Girl
 The mantle below from refresh restyle follows the same triangle shape but in a different style.  You'll notice with both mantles they used a mix of textures which also helps to make it interesting.

refresh restyle
 This mantle keeps it simple with minimal pieces but achieves great balance from the triangle- keeping it interesting by placing one vase on the left and two vases on the right.  It sounds backwards but unbalancing items will give a more balanced end result.

Here's my parents mantle that I styled a few weeks ago using all Homegoods items.  I started with a large mirror at the center and then went out to the sides with a candle stick and topiary and then created some layer by place the bird figurine in front of the mirror.

Keep the triangle in mind and you'll be styling your mantle like a pro!

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