Monday, March 4, 2013

Gallery Wall Update

I did it!!  The gallery wall went up this weekend!  Here's a little play by play on how I did .
The gallery wall went in our front entry/living room area.

I started with a trip to IKEA and grabbed every size RIBBA frame they make in white and silver.  I got 2 or 3 of each size.  I knew I wanted to paint a few of the frames gold so I bought a few more white ones than silver.  I bought a bunch so I had plenty of sizes to choose from.  I also had two canvas wrapped pieces I wanted to work into the design as well.

Next I just started putting pieces down and moving them around- I tried to keep the sizes pretty mixed up.  I got to this layout first and I liked it but it felt a little too "orderly".

I only have 7 frames now but I wanted to have the option to add to it later.  I started moving things around again so that this time the frames weren't as lined up around the edges making it easier to add frames.

Once I had my final layout I took a photo of it with my iPad and kept it out as I started to hang the frames.  This made it easier for me to check back and see how I had originally lined things up. I've seen a lot of tutorials where you cut craft paper out to the sizes of the frames, tack them up first and then start hanging your frames to be sure you've got them exactly where you want them.

I'm a little impatient so I just started hanging them!

I grabbed the two small ones and spray painted them gold.  I might still spray paint the large horizontal frame to the right of the canvas wrapped photo.

Sorry about the bad lighting in the photos- I had run out of sunlight by the time I got to the end!

Ta-Da!  Here it is in all its gallery wall glory!  All of the RIBBA frames cost me less than $100 and they even come with a mat- such a great deal!  I'm still deciding if I want to add more frames above it and go closer to the ceiling but we'll see.  Now comes the tough part- picking what goes in the frames!


  1. Great Blog!

    Would you like to follow each other on GFC?

  2. That looks fabulous Kelly! I also really like the pattern on your rug hehe xo

  3. Thanks Lauren- love me some trellis print!

  4. Can you tell me where you got that adorable little loveseat

    1. It's the Emma Tufted Studio Sofa from Home Decorators


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