Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Your New Best Friend

Hello, I'm the paint color at the bottom of the paint strip.  You've probably never given me much thought but I'm about to become your new best friend!

While working at the Benjamin Moore paint store I picked up this valuable tip for choosing paint colors.  Sometimes paint colors can look very similar at first glance- especially when it's a lighter shade.  

If you look at the paint color at the bottom of the strip you can get a truer look at the tint of the color.  Because the color is the most saturated at the bottom of the strip you will get a truer sense of the tint of the color.  

Ever get what you thought was "beige" home and when you put it on the wall it looks pink?  If you checked out the bottom paint color you might be able to see more easily that it has some red tint in it.  


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  2. Raspberry Truffle.


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