Monday, February 4, 2013

Easy Coffee Table Styling

Beautiful pictures of coffee table stylings have been all over Pinterest lately.  They can look complicated but I promise they're not and you probably have most of the things you need around the house.  Here's my step by step to styling your coffee table.

First- start with a tray that's about a 1/2 to a 1/3 the size of your table.  Think of this as your "play pen" for your accessories.  It keeps them grouped so they don't look like they're floating in space.  I chose this basket style tray from Homegoods but I like these trays here, here, and here.

Next, grab some beautiful books or magazines you have around the house.  I used my Nate Berkus book as well as a Philadelphia magazine that I keep meaning to read.  Make sure the books you choose are pretty large so they take up half of the tray.
Next I added a candle to the tray.  Either a candle, picture frame or a little figurine will do.  It's adding some height to your collection and a change up in the size of the flat books and tray.
 Last step- add some flowers.  I used a low faux-flower arrangement at Homegoods.  I love to have real flowers but I'm not too good at keeping them alive so these faux peonies do the trick.  Place them on top of the books to add even more height to your arrangement.  I also put some coasters in the tray for practical reasons ;-)
 And there you have it! Super easy and you probably already have a lot of these things around your house.  


  1. Love the coffee table idea! Do you have any recommendations for a coffee table that looks nice but is reasonably priced? Also, do you do consulting for home staging? I love your ideas!

    1. Thanks Jen! You've inspired me to do a post about coffee tables this week so make sure you check back later this week! And to your other question- yes, I do home staging. I am working on my services page and that will definitely be an option if you are in the Philadelphia area.

  2. Great post! I want to find a good lucite tray for my coffee table and really complete the look. And I also think flowers are a must too! The ones you have are especially pretty. :)

    1. Thanks Amberly! Have you looked at the lucite trays from the etsy shop tilly|maison? Really love their stuff:


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