Friday, January 11, 2013

Stylish Dog Beds

By now you know how crazy I am about design and my dog Olive.

So when my husband suggested we get her a dog bed I immediately started searching the web for a beautiful dog bed.  I know that sounds crazy but follow me on this one... a dog bed is usually placed in the central living area of your home (family room, living room, kitchen etc) If it's going to be in such a prominent spot in your home why not have it compliment your space?   Still not believing?  Check out this library from the super talented Autum Clemons at DesignDump.

via DesignDump
Can you imagine if she had just thrown a big ugly dog bed on the floor?  And look how happy that pooch is on his new apple green bed!

Here are some of my favorite dog beds that are both stylish and functional!
Jax and Bones Lounge Bed "Roma" in Tan and Creme

Etsy Shop By FaithCreations11
Her dog beds are custom made to order so you can pick your size and fabrics- and they're washable!

Jax and Bones Lounge Bed "Gateway" Blue & White

Etsy Shop PetDesign
These are custom made to order beds too with a ton of fabrics to choose from and machine washable- doesn't that bed look comfy?


  1. The next challenge is to get Olive to sleep on it! :-)

  2. thanks for the feature! i think this is a great post...i don't have a dog, but there are a TON of people who do, and this is such useful information!

  3. If I’ll buy my dog a new bed, I’d probably choose that Jax and Bones Lounge Bed "Gateway" Blue & White! This will match my bed which is also blue. Having your own pet is like having your own child. You have to give them the best care and comfort that you can muster and more.

  4. Stylish and functional! But Olive needs to get used to sleeping on those dog beds. Wonderful ideas, though. :)

  5. These are all such nice beds for dogs, and I agree that keeping them to stay on it would take some training, hehe! Nonetheless, it is the responsibility of the owner to keep their dogs free of pests by making sure they have proper hygiene.

    Jessica Finley @Online Allergy Relief

  6. Hey thanks for sharing this post. It's really very helpful. Joss (my lab) always sleeps next to me. But somewhere i feel that he is not quite happy about as the next morning i find him in the living room sleeping on a rug. So i decided to buy dog beds for him so that he sleeps as comfortably as i do on my bed.


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