Monday, December 10, 2012

Grey Perfection

Oh grey, how I love thee!  Dark grey, light grey, warm grey and cool grey- I love them all and no one does grey better than my dear friend Benjamin Moore.  I worked at a local paint store a few years ago as a color consultant and it really helped to train my eye to choose a color from a swatch and know what it would look like painted on four walls.  Along the way I developed a list of "tried and true" colors (most from the Historical Collection) and here are a few of my favorite greys from that list.

Edgecomb Grey HC-173
It's a beautiful, soft light grey with a warm undertone.  I picture this in a dreamy, sun filled bedroom...

via Blossom Interiors

Chelsea Gray HC-168
Cool, deep grey with a tiny bit of blue to it.  I painted my living/dining room with this color and love it.  Here's a quick picture of it!

Rockport Grey HC-105
Another deep, rich grey that pulls a little more to the warmer side.  I just had a client paint their master bedroom so as soon as I have pictures of that I'll post them!

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  1. good for you kelly!! the blog looks amazing, and your little family is just gorgeous. thanks for sharing, and i wish you all the BEST!


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